Celebrate World Circus Day

with 2 Hula Hoop Workshops with Lisa Lü from Berlin

Diversity Week

Saturday 16 April
Circability Central
Victoria Park

Take your chance to participate in two brand new Hula Hoop workshops, especially developed for the World Circus Day. One workshop is getting in touch with the classical side of hula hoop, the other one gives you a deep look into one specific concept. Choose one or do both!!!

Lisa Lü is an experienced Hula Hoop and circus instructor. She is more than exited to present two brand new Hoop Workshops, for beginners and advanced hoopers or wanna be hoopers. Two different approaches towards the round plastic circle and a lot of fun guaranteed.

Two workshops 55 NZD
One workshop 35 NZD

11am-12:30pm : "Everyone loves coinspins"
1pm-2:30pm: Multihoop and Circus Style

For more information, phone 09 3613801 or email,
or contact Lisa directly at ot phone 0211700416

“Everyone loves coinspins”
- Hoop Workshop -
- 90 min -
- All Levels -

The coinspin is the rotation of the hoop around an axis of the manipulators choice. In this Workshop we are going to explore the concept of the coin spin and its variety of combinations. From classical circus style spins around your hand or on top of your open hand (such as palm spin) to experimental and funny spins on different parts of your body or combined with throws or rolls. This Workshop is open to all levels of hooping, as we are working with a kind of movement, that’s giving endless possibilities. Join in and explore with Lisa Lü

“Multihoop and Circus Style”
- how to get from 1 to 6 hoops -
- 90 min -
- an intruduction -

Welcome to the world of Multihooping. Are you knew to Hula hooping or are you a Hooper? Did you ever wonder how to make the hoop move up and down your body? How to keep it around your chest or your knees? Do you wanna manage more than one hoop? What to do with 2, 3 or 4?
We will lift the mystery around all those famous hula hoop tricks and gonna push our personal limits towards those tricks. From 1 to 6 that is our goal and during this workshop you will be prepared to make that potential dream come true.
!Bring a lot of hoops!

See you there!!!!